Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Netherlands?!?

My friend, howiesgal, in her most recent post alluded to the need to be very careful about posting any personal information on blogs. She included a link to another blog where the topic was covered more thoroughly.

I sort of figured that no one except friends and family read my blog anyway but just for curiosity's sake, I added the site meter (check out the little blue number at the bottom of this page) to find out for sure. Boy was I surprised. . .in just a few hours, I had at least 10 hits from people I didn't know, one as far away as the Netherlands!

I got to thinking about all those random people who accidently end up on my blog (and yours, too). At first, it kind of freaked me out to think of people I don't know reading about my life, but then I realized that this is a wonderful opportunity. Perhaps these visitors don't know any Christians. Perhaps this is the only time they will get a peek into the life of someone who is earnestly trying to live for Christ. What a blessing! So, the blogging will definitely continue, just sans identifying information.

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