Friday, August 18, 2006


At the moment Baby R has decided that he/she prefers sitting right-side-up. . . which in the world of pregnancy translates to wrong-side-down. The doctor said there is still room and time (a little of both) for the baby to turn but that he/she needs to do a somersault soon or we will have to begin exploring the options for delivering a breech baby, which is usually a c-section =(

Please be praying with us that God will put our little one into position soon!


bourgeois wife said...

Aye, aye! All we pregnant women fear the breech. Although I tend to be a little bit skeptical about chiropractic medicine at times, it seems that the Webster technique is worth looking into. It can't hurt, so worth a try? I just learned about it and am planning to begin seeing a Webster certifide chiropractor preemptively. You can read about it here: and here:

May God bless Baby & Mommy Redin!

Caroline said...

That is what happened with Gillian. She was to stubborn to turn around for us. I did every exercise they said would helped but nothing did. I guess it was one of those "in the hands of our soverign God" times :o)

Christianne said...

Hope Baby Redin turns around soon, Bec. This must feel a bit scary for you.

Sharon said...

Rebecca- I am sorry, especially after me going into detail about my sister Beth with her son John. I will keep praying for you and your baby. Let me know if you want to talk to Beth about breech.