Monday, August 21, 2006

New Bike!

My sweet husband surprised me with a big treat on Friday night. We went out for dinner and afterward, walked over to the bike shop across the parking lot to look for a new bike seat (I have been riding Josh's mountain bike which has a very, very hard and narrow seat. Between the uncomfortable seat, the guy's bike frame and my growing tummy, I've been having a harder and harder time enjoying our rides around the neighborhood).

When we got inside the store, Josh told me he wanted me to pick out a new bike. . .a girl's bike with a comfy seat. I picked out a sparkly blue beach cruiser complete with white-walled wheels, a padded seat and a kick stand!

If you see a pregnant lady riding a really cool bike around town, feel free to honk and wave. . . it's probably me!

I absolutely love my new bike. . . and my husband ;-)


Caroline said...

I really think you should post a pic of you riding this new, cool bike!

Christianne said...

That's really fun. Glad you got something more safe and comfortable for yourself!