Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lunch with the H Family

For a mere $1.50 each, Yvette and I were able to spend an entire hour with the wonderful Howiesgal family. We met at Costco to enjoy the delicious (albeit, not so nutritious) polish sausage/soda combo in honor of our old tradition of sharing a cheap meal together before Bible Study. It was good to see the girls again, both of whom are growing up so quickly, and, reconnect with Howiesgal, the infamous redhead, self-titled "The Queen." As an added bonus, Mr. Howiesgal surprised us and joined us for lunch, too.

Hopefully, we won't wait so long to schedule our next get-together.


Queen Caroline said...

Ok, that's what I call an "on top of things blogger". You don't waste anytime girl :o) Lunch was so fun today and I can't wait to do it again. Next time little Olive will have to join us for Emma's sake. oh, and thanks for the link....and for not holding on grudge because I didn't do a link for you.
~The Queen~ aka Caroline, howiesgal, mom, red, and other names I shall not repeat

fletch said...

i can think of a few other names for the queen, but i will refrain!
on any given day...i crave costco hotdogs...i will have to hook up with howie one day for lunch!