Monday, August 28, 2006

Body Parts

Anyone have any tips on how to figure out which limb it is that is pushing and poking out? Specifically, is it a heel or an elbow that has lodged itself under my right rib cage for the last few days? a knee, maybe?

Whichever baby-body-part it is, I wouldn't mind if my little one decided to choose a new location for it! At this point, even my left rib cage is sounding like an improvement.


Rebeca said...

It's the "Name that Part" Game! Fun, and sometimes, not so fun! I haven't been by in a while and you sure have grown! There's still lots of time for that baby to turn too. Bless you as you enter into the final stretch. (In more ways than one!)

Kendra said...

Oh. Ugh. I had two who loved one particular spot under my right ribs and I would push back, trying to get them to move! It gets sore, doesn't it?

Incidentally, my oldest brother was born with callouses on his feet from kicking my mom so hard and consistently against her ribs!