Friday, September 01, 2006

Doctor Grumpy vs God

I went in for my 34-week check-up this morning. My regular doctor (who I really like) was on vacation so I had to see one of her colleagues (who I really don't like). To my great disappointment, Doctor Grumpy didn't palpitate my tummy to feel the baby's position and when asked if he would, he said he'd rather leave that to my regular doctor. He then said, "I don't really see the point, anyway, since after 30-weeks, babies don't turn on their own." Thanks for the words of encouragement, Doc!

Little does he know that God can do whatever He wants in regards to this baby's position. I have complete faith that if God wants this baby delivered normally, it'll happen. If God chooses to leave this baby in breech position, it won't be because "after 30-weeks, babies don't turn on their own." It'll be because God wants that baby to be breech.

In the meantime, keep praying!

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Kendra said...

Dr. Grumpy doesn't know Caroline. She turned at 38 weeks and was born at 39. I rocked and swayed as the midwife instructed.

By the way, grumpy doctors drove me to midwifery :)