Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heading the Right Direction

Josh and I went to my 36-week check up this morning. This visit was with my regular OB doctor and was much more pleasant than my last check-up with one of her colleagues.

Praise the Lord. . . after examining me, the Doctor reported that the baby turned and has assumed the right position for delivery! Sometime in the last month, God gently turned this baby, without my even noticing it. Thank you to all of you who were praying.

Josh and I are so grateful that the God we serve is an expert in this childbirthing process from start to finish. Not only did He create the womb, He lived one for 9-months.

the word became flesh

a swirl of sound, soft and thick,
the music of a human metronome,
embraces the tiny life.
darkness swaddles the infinite one

knees to chin,
as his half-formed fingers feel
for the intangible rhythm.

seconds, perhaps eternities ago,

the skillful weaver spun silken sinews
around the spindle of himself,
measuring off the immeasurable,
defining the indefinable,
hiding the omnipresent
in the hollow of his own handiwork.

a slow dance,
a swaying from side to side,
soothes the one who never slumbers,
drowning him in the silent song of sleep.


Sharon said...

PTL.....I am excited for you. I cannot wait to see your baby.

Christianne said...

Beautiful poem, Bec. Thanks for sharing.