Monday, September 11, 2006

Must See DVD

Answers in Genesis has an amazing DVD lecture regarding the miraculous process of conception and birth: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made.

My mom gave us a copy a few months ago and said it was excellent, especially now that we are expecting our own miracle. But, we've read a lot of books and figured it was just another prenatal informational video. We shoved it to the back of the DVD rack and forgot about it. On Friday night we were bored and looking for some free entertainment; we ran across this DVD and popped it in. We sat there mesmerized for the entire lecture.

I have studied quite a bit about the conception and birthing process, but this DVD goes into scientific details that are so amazingly designed that only our wonderful, all-knowing, creative God could have come up with something this perfect. Even if you have a dozen children, I guarantee you'll learn things you never knew.

If you want to borrow our copy and you're here in town, let me know. I'd be happy to loan it to you. If you don't live in town, visit the link above and buy a copy. It'll be worth the investment.


Kendra said...

Yes, please! Appropriate for kids?

A Lily of the Valley said...

I watched the DVD with my husband and wasn't really thinking in terms of younger viewers at the time. However, I scoured my memory for anything that might be classified as TMI and can't think of anything. I think your little ones will probably be bored because of the detailed scientific information, but your older guys will definitely be able to grasp the coolness of the information.

I would say, if you are comfortable with your children knowing that it takes the joining of a sperm and an egg (sans explanation of where the sperm originated or how it arrived in the uterus) to create a baby, then this DVD would be completely appropriate. Since you'll probably want to watch this twice because the information is so rich, you might want to preview it the first time just to be sure I didn't forget anything!

I'll bring it with me when I see you next week.

fletch said...

we have six with the seventh on the way...i guess kendra thinks it's about time we figure out what is going on...