Thursday, April 06, 2006

White Wisteria

Last night my husband and I planted wisteria in our back yard. Until last night, I never knew white wisteria existed. All I had ever known was the vibrant purple/blue wisteria. My mom owned a house whose back arbor was heavy laden with the beautiful purple flowers every spring.

Sometimes God teaches me Lily Lessons when I'm least expecting it. White wisteria was one of those lessons. When I realized that two of the three plants my husband bought were white, not purple, I felt a sudden overwhelming disappointment. Being rather slow to learn, I let myself wallow in that feeling for at least an hour. We finished our planting and came inside to admire our handiwork from the back windows. I was still feeling disappointed. After all, my visions of gorgeous, purple draping flowers were disappearing before my eyes. It was then that God reminded me, through the words of my husband, that white wisteria is nothing to be disappointed about. Different than my expectations, but beautiful nonetheless. Isn't that how God usually does it? Our lives may not look like we expected, but He promises to make all things beautiful in time.

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