Monday, April 10, 2006


On Saturday, a carload of us decided to visit San Francisco. First stop, Chinatown. We arrived just in time for lunch and after wandering around for about 20 minutes realized we had no viable criteria for choosing a "good" restaurant. Our first pick, the Golden Palace, was chosen based on the large sign on the building. But, as we approached, we saw that the Health Inspector had beat us by a week or two. . . the business was closed for health violations. Hmmm. . .

So, on we marched amidst the hanging chickens, foreign vegetables and ceramic Buddhas. And then a friendly Chinese woman on the corner waving a flyer and announcing "Flee! Flee pot stickas. Flee ice cleam. Have coupon. Have coupon. Look no MSGs." That's right. Free pot stickers, free ice cream and no MSGs (until then, I didn't realize MSG came in the plural). . . what more could we want!? The decision was made. And, I must say, the "flee" pot sickers and green tea ice cream were worth it. Not to mention the "flee" refills on the Shirley Temples =)

If you're ever in Chinatown, look for the coupon lady on the corner. She won't lead you astray.

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tenthstreetplace said...

I must say, that was a very satisfying meal. And the best part...No MSGs. Hey, What more could a girl ask for?! = )