Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Magical Honeymoon

There is something magical about a honeymoon. For me it was a combination of 1000 things. I'll only name a few here, to spare you, though. One was the fact that for the first time in my life, I was traveling with a boy. Boys, as I am discovering, are much different than girls. I've always had a ton of fun traveling with my girlfriends. I'm thankful I have been able to travel with my girlfriends as much as I have. I've been to Europe with my friend, Jen. West and Central Mexico, and England with my friend, Yvette. The Midwest with my friend, Kay Ann. And misc smaller California excursions with my friend, Christianne. And, I enjoyed all of those trips immensely. But, traveling with a boy is a new and fun adventure. We went jet skiing (something I probably wouldn't have tried on my own) and rented a jeep and took it for a drive deep into the jungle.

Another was just the fun of getting to learn all about this man I was now calling husband. Before we married, we had spent lots of time together. But, once you're married, you learn all kinds of things about your new spouse (and yourself) that you could never have guessed beforehand. For me, thankfully, all of those things were happy discoveries. I found out that even first thing in the morning, my husband is in a calm, cheerful mood. I should have guessed it, because 99% of the time, that's the mood he's in. But, until I woke up next to him, I couldn't be sure. I also discovered that he is a very clean and tidy person. Again, this was something I had suspected, but until you're living WITH the person, not just visiting their house for a few hours after work, you don't know for certain. And, I discovered that my husband is a man of integrity. I knew that, of course, before I married him (one of the reasons I did marry him). But, seeing him in every situation, under new stresses in a foreign country, tired from traveling, and other circumstances that would normally make people compromise, he lived out his Christian faith in a simple and tangible way.

We had a magical time. The weather was idyllic. The hotel room was enormous and beautiful. The food was excellent. And the company, superb. I had been extremely ill with the flu the week prior to our wedding, but God graciously put the illness on hold so that I was able to fully enjoy our week in the Mayan Riviera (south of Cancun).

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Kay Ann said...

i can identify with the new experience of traveling with a boy. ;-) quite odd, at first. but how quickly it becomes normal!