Friday, April 07, 2006

6 Months and Counting

Tomorrow is our 6-month anniversary.  It's funny when I stop and reflect on where I was a year or two ago.   Two years ago, I was asking God if I needed to abandon my hopes of ever being married.  There wasn't a soul in sight! Last year at this time, Josh and I had known each other for only 5 months.   We were fairly confidently that God was leading us toward marriage, but there was still a lot of learning to be done before we could make the decision to move in that direction.   Obviously, we did come to that conclusion.  =)


Compared to most "typical" dating relationships today, we kind of rushed things--we met and married in less than a year.   But, in the things that actually count, we didn't rush.  We truly sought to glorify God in our relationship.  We sought the counsel of our families, listened to the wisdom of our trusted friends, and worked hard to follow God's standards for how we treated each other emotionally and physically.   Even though it was less than a year, in some ways, I think we actually learned more about the important issues during those 11 months than a lot of couples learn in 5 or 6 years of dating.   God's design for romance is not only better than any other way--it is infinitely better.


Last night, Josh told me that he wanted to take me somewhere to celebrate our first 6 months of married life.  So, this morning we booked a whirlwind vacation to the Dominican Republic.   It'll be a short trip, only 3.5 days, but I'm definitely looking forward to the adventure.  Soon enough, we'll be trying to adjust to life with a baby, so while we can, we're making the most of our freedom!  


Kendra said...

Yikes! That is a whirlwind trip. What fun!

Great to read your blog, Rebecca. I'll be visiting often.

Oh, and remember... you won't be losing your freedom when this sweet little one is born. God has called you to motherhood and you'll be gaining a precious lamb to shepherd :)

fletch said...

we are celebrating with you too...only we are not going to the dominican republic...we'll probably just drive to turlock and drink fruity jamba juice drinks...