Monday, April 10, 2006

Easter Candy

It's a funny tradition, I'll agree, however, Easter candy was a favorite tradition in our family. My mom always picked out our favorite candies plus one large chocolate bunny for each of us. Being the weird kid that I was, I would take an inventory of how much candy I had and would ration it out so that it would last me the whole year. I had my candy box--a little shoe box that I kept hidden under my bed--and once a week I'd take a little nibble from the earlobe of a Mr. Bunny and maybe eat a malted egg or two. And, of course, the Peeps. . . those were best when severely stale anyway, so by mid-summer, they were just reaching the height of perfection.

My brother was the exact opposite. Pretty much, by the end of Easter vacation, his entire basketful of candy would be demolished, save a few jelly beans hiding in the fake grass.

To all of those kids out there who are candy savers like I was, let me offer you a word of advice: If you have a candy-devouring sibling, you absolutely must find a better hiding spot for your candy than a box under your bed. I speak from experience here. . . it can be quite devastating to open your little shoe box in mid-September for your weekly nibble, only to find that your little brother has eaten your life's savings.


The Fletcher Boys said...

Dear Mrs. Redin,

Hayden is a candy saver (and shakes, and Jamba Juices...), Nate is not (eats it all in less than 30 seconds), and Jack eats what he likes quickly but then pawns the yucky stuff off on his sisters.

We're all hoping for a gigantic chocolate bunny each, but we know our mom too well for that. She'll probably pawn the stuff she doesn't like off on us.

Hayden, Nate, and Jack

A Lily of the Valley said...

Dear Fletcher boys,

It is my hypothesis that candy saving is an oldest child trait. I think that one's candy eating habits may be directly associated with one's birth order. Let's try an experiment. Ask all of your friends what their candy-eating habits are and what position they are in the birth order. After you've gathered your data, report back to me. I have a feeling we may be on the brink of an important discovery.

Best wishes with the big chocolate bunnies. Maybe your dentist can talk to your mom and tell her that chocolate bunnies are good for growing boys.

From, Mrs. Redin