Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Dominican Republic

Here are some pictures from our recent travels to the Dominican Republic. We had a wonderful time. It's a very neat island and culture. Our only regret is that our time was so limited. Oh. . . and that everything was closed due to the Holy Week celebrations.

Pic1: We had just arrived after an all-night flight. Thanks to the man with severe body odor sitting behind us, and the never-ending turbulence, we didn't get much sleep. But the tiredness disappeared when we saw those palm trees and blue waters.

Pic2 : This is a sample of how pregnant tourists dress. Note the highly fashionable combination of skirt (only clothes that still fit) and tennis shoes.
Pic3: My favorite picture from this trip. This was taken inside Los Tres Ojos--three caves, complete with underground pools of sparkling blue water and bats flying overhead. I would have to classify these as the coolest caves I've ever seen. Do take into consideration, however, that I'm not a cave connoisseur and have probably only seen 3 other caves in my life.
Pic4: If you'll note, there is quite a bit of activity going on in this picture. Josh with his wallet out, the guy on the left trying to sell him a music c.d., the kids who attacked Josh's shoes with unwanted shoe scrubbing, and the officer who had just finished knocking the kid in blue over the head. I think we must have been wearing signs that said "Too nice to say NO!"

Pic5: The Santo Domingo skyline in the background. It is the oldest city in the new world, founded in the late 1400's. The Zona Colonial, the old city, has quite a few structures dating from that era. One of the restaurants we ate in was over 500 years old. Thankfully, the food wasn't :-) It was very fresh and by far, the best food we had while in the D.R.

More stories to follow. . .


tenthstreetplace said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun!
What a cool adventure!

Kendra said...

Oooh...oooh...oooh... I can't wait to see more photos! Looks like a fabulous trip.

stevewend said...

Sounds like a great trip! The tourist attire was classy too :)