Sunday, November 30, 2008

A quarter of a year!

Annabelle turned three months old this week. We were in Thailand for the Thanksgiving holiday. She enjoyed chilling out on a beach chair under the umbrella while Caleb played in the surf and sand.

Khai Nok Island, Phuket, Thailand

Our little Sweet Pea is a happy girl. She's full of smiles and squeals for anyone willing to pay attention to her. She is sleeping through the night and growing like a weed. She's got Daddy wrapped around her little finger. She melts her Mommy's heart. And, her burps and toots send Caleb into laughing fits. We can't wait to discover more about this little girl God gave us. What we've seen so far is delightful!


Jessica said...

Wow! 3 months already! She's adorable. I wish I could meet her when you come "state side" this December, but unfortunatly I will still be about 1500 miles away. =(

Sharon said...

I cannot wait to hold such a darling baby. Christmas come soon and we will have breakfast!!!!