Wednesday, May 03, 2006

28 Things

When I was in college, I came up with a little birthday tradition.  Every year, on my birthday, I try to jot down a list of my favorite things--the number of items on the list equal to the number of years I am celebrating.  The idea is to capture all the little things that represent me at that moment in time. I've really enjoyed looking back at those lists.  It's fun to see what foods, clothes, music, books, people, etc that I liked and how my tastes have changed.  The lists aren't profound, neither are they comprehensive; they are just the first 28 (in this case) things that come to mind. I only wish that I had started earlier, back when the lists were shorter!
So, here goes.  Here is today's list (in no particular order):
28 Things I Love
1. Spring
2. Passionfruit Lemonade Tea
3. Maternity Pants (ahh, they are so comfy!)
4. My Husband's Handwriting (especially when he writes me cards)
5. Watching Things Grow in the Garden
6. Cooking
7. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
8. Ranunculus
9. Olive Garden
10. Feeling the Baby Move
11. Reading My Friends' Blogs
12. Email (especially for friends who don't live nearby)
13. Digital Cameras (what a great idea!)
14. Lunchtime Walks and Talks with Yvette
15. Subway Deal-of-the-Day
16. Sleeping 8 Consecutive Hours at Night (enjoying it while it lasts)
17. Olive, the Dog
18. Morning Bike Rides with My Husband (when we actually have the willpower to get out of bed!)
19. Traveling to Cool Places like Mexico and the Dominican Republic
20. Unexpected Flowers at Work
21. Eating Outside in the Cool Mornings and Evenings
22. Hymns: Ancient & Modern
23. Alistair Begg (on the radio on my morning drive)
24. Reading the Daily Bible Every Night with My Husband
25. Crest Extreme Mint Toothpaste
26. Listerine
27. Getting Real Mail


Caroline said...

Oh, Rebecca, I love this idea. I will have to remember to do this on my birthday. It would be so much fun to read back over them every year.

Kendra said...

Me too! Me too! Only my next one will be 36... pppppppplllllll... that's a rapsberry for Caroline,who remains under 30 (but not for long!) Neener neener!

fletch said...

i was glad to read that toothpaste and listerine made the list. my personal favorites are scope and arm/hammer baking soda toothpaste though...i could eat the stuff on crackers...