Monday, March 17, 2008

My kid's smarter than your kid. . .

I've recently been feeling quite proud of Caleb. After all, he says "bus," "rice," and "cheese," and cheers "go, team, go" every time we pass by a soccer field. He can point out fish and monkeys, elephants and snakes, horses and cows in his animal picture book. And, he signs please and thank-you without needing to be reminded. Pretty good, right?

But, this is not a "my kid is smarter than your kid" post. . . this is more like a "your kid is smarter than my kid" admission. Actually, this is really a "your kid is way stinkin' smarter than all of our future kids combined" admission!

Watch for yourself. . . I think you'll agree.


smidge said...

That's incredible!!! And I thought I had a couple smart kids...better think again!

howiesgal said...

Ummm....can I have a do over with my kids? That is just amazing. I am stunned.

S & C & C's Gram said...

Can anybody say up-and-coming bookworm?


She's so cute and like a normal toddler in other ways. I did notice her attention span is short, but hey!