Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Faithful in Little, Faithful in Much

As my tummy has been growing, so has my awareness of the responsibility I have to drive safely. I've always tried to be a safe driver who obeys the law, but it's so easy to let the speedometer creep up past the legal limit when I'm running late to work! Especially since the road I take almost invites speeding.

But safety isn't the only issue. The law is there to keep me safe, yes. But, even if I can drive "safely" while speeding, there is still the issue of being obedient to God and the authority He has put over me.

By the conviction of the Holy Spirit, about 3 weeks ago, I started becoming very aware of my tendency to push the limits and break the law. He reminded me that "(s)he who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much (Lk 16:10)" Every single morning on my drive to work, I was not being faithful in this little area.

I asked God to help me be obedient. And, He has been faithful to answer that request. He has been reminding me each morning as I close the car door and as I turn onto a new road that He is giving me an opportunity to be obedient.

The fruit of obedience is reward enough, but for the last two days, God has given me an external motivator as well: motorcycle cops! Yesterday there were two and today there were four, just past a bend in the road I take on my way to work. In exactly the place that invites speeding.

I think I'm going to tape a little piece of paper right under my speedometer that says "Faithful in little, faithful in much."


Anonymous said...

Where do the motorcycle cops sit? I have never been stopped, but it seems that the cops like to sit on Tully Rd., so don't speed. :)

A Lily of the Valley said...

Anonymous said: Where do motorcycle cops sit?

I'm guessing it's pretty standard for all motorcycle cops, but these particular ones were sitting on their bikes! hahah! But, their bikes were on Scenic Drive just east of Oakdale Road.