Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blessing Box

I'm not sure where the idea came from or exactly when it started, but I have a little decorative box that has come to call my "Blessing Box." The idea behind this box is to fill it with things that I can use to bless others, but as it's turned out, this box has become a blessing to me. I've enjoyed it so much and it's been such a handy little tool that I thought I'd share the idea with you. The idea is so simple and can be personalized to suit everyone! As soon as my kids are old enough, I plan on helping them create their own blessing boxes--kids edition.

How to Build and Use a Blessing Box

  1. Find a smaller sized, sturdy box. I chose a decorative one with a lid, but a plastic box would work just fine! Just be sure that it isn't too big (no bigger than a shoe box). The idea is to keep this simple.
  2. Put your address book in the blessing box. I keep my address book on the computer, so I just printed out my list of addresses and put them in there. A few times a year, I make sure it's updated.
  3. Fill your box with all sorts of cards--thank you, get well, just because, blank, happy birthday, etc. I have two or three varieties of the packaged cards (where you get 8 or so of the same note card) as well as favorite greeting cards I've picked up along the way. Looking through greeting cards is one of my favorite activities. . . so when Longs or Walgreens has a sale on cards, I usually go and find several favorites to add to my box.
  4. Buy a book of stamps to keep on hand.
  5. When you come across a little extra money, buy a few $5 gift cards from Starbucks or Jamba Juice or any other favorite treat. These are great to tuck into just-because cards as an unexpected surprise.
  6. If you are financially able, keep a few extra $20 bills in there or gift cards to the grocery store or Target. There have been plenty of times when I've heard of someone in need and wanted anonymously help them out. If mailing cash doesn't seem safe, remember, not every card has to be mailed. . . some can be delivered through the grapevine or dropped off on doorsteps!
  7. Keep a notepad for jotting ideas down. My husband mentioned that he loves this certain soup from a local Chinese place. In my blessing box I wrote: Surprise Josh with take-out soup. I haven't had time to implement the idea (and besides it's been too hot for soup!) but I didn't want to forget the idea. I have several other little reminders to myself in there or fun ideas I've "stolen" from someone else that are just on hold until the right moment.
  8. On the other side of that note pad, jot down simple things about others that bless you. Not necessarily just things that a person does, but also include godly character qualities that you have seen demonstrated.
  9. Be creative! If you love tea and that's your signature, tuck a few tea bags in to share with others. If you love homemade coupons (I do!) keep a few of pre-made coupons to fill in on a whim. Maybe you love stickers, or handkerchiefs, or. . .anything! The idea is to keep your box full of inexpensive things that can be used to brighten another's day.
  10. Keep your ears open and your heart tender. Pray and ask God to help you see the needs of others around you and to help you be a blessing.
  11. Set aside a time at least once a week to bless someone. If you haven't much time, write a quick card to someone who could use the encouragement and drop it in the mail. Maybe include a gift card or gift certificate. Or check in your notebook to send a thank-you-for-being-a-blessing card to someone listed there. If you have a little more time, implement one of your more elaborate ideas such as unexpectedly dropping off fresh chicken soup to a down-and-out friend. Or doorbell ditching an elderly neighbor leaving them a flower and a homemade card. You get the idea!
  12. Pray daily for the person you've blessed until your next Blessing Box Day. That's where the real blessing is!

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