Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Thankful Tree

I thought I'd share an idea I had for a simple craft to make with your toddlers to help them prepare for Thanksgiving. (I'm sure I'm not the first person with this idea!)

The Thankful Tree

You will need:
  • Construction paper: brown, green, orange, red, yellow
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Bigger sheet of paper for "canvas"

I cut out a tree trunk, limbs, and leaves. Caleb was in charge of pasting. We started with an empty tree and then I asked him to think of something he was thankful for. I then wrote that item/person on a leaf and he pasted the leaf to his tree. When the tree was full of leaves, we prayed and gave thanks to God for each leaf on Caleb's Thankful Tree.

You could make this as simple or complex as you wanted. If you have more than one preschooler, you could use a different color leaf for each child. Or, you could even make it a family tree with larger leaves and more room to write (our little leaves only had room for one word, which worked fine for a three-year-old) . The possibilities are endless ;-)


not2brightGRAM said...

I loved them all, but the best was "macaroni"! Only a three year old could come up with that.

tenthstreetplace said...

Love it! Great idea.

Jessica said...

Very cute idea! =)

Four Buttons said...

Love your much that we just made one today out of a cereal box and some paper :) thanks for the great idea, i'll post mine later :) Miss you guys tons...owen listed caleb as one of his list of friends he's thankful for. How does he remember?? Kids are crazy little sponges when it comes to their memory. How are yours? How are you doing these days? We need to skype soon!!